Every player and parent will be required to read and sign this pledge

Participation in The Cape Fear Flyers program is a privilege that should elicit great pride in both the athletes and their family. It is also a responsibility that demands extra commitment once they decide to wear The Cape Fear Flyers colors and represent their teammates, coaches and community. Standards of behavior are high and a willingness to live up to them is part of being a member of a team. “PLAYER RIGHTS”

  1. Right to participate in sports.
  2. Right to play at a level determined to match my maturity and ability.
  3. Right to have a good role model as a coach.
  4. Right to play as a child and not as an adult.
  5. Right to express my opinion in a proper manner to my coaches.
  6. Right to run and train in safe and healthy environments.
  7. Right to be properly prepared to compete in meets.
  8. Right to equal opportunities to develop my skills.
  9. Right to be treated fairly and with respect.
  10. Right to have fun in sports.

you can check here “PLAYER PLEDGE”

I will promise to conduct myself in accordance to the following Code of Conduct at all times understanding that there will be consequences, if abused.

  1. I will treat each athlete, coach, parent and official with respect and dignity.
  2. I will do my best to attend all practices to learn the fundamental skills, and be attentive to coaches to learn meet and event strategies.
  3. I will contact my coach if I am unable to attend a practice or game.
  4. I will accept the calls of the officials and will play to the rules of the game.
  5. I will give my personal best efforts at all times to help my team and coaches.
  6. I will treat all equipment and facilities with respect and adhere to all rules of these areas.
  7. I will control emotional and verbal outbursts that are detrimental to myself or those around me.
  8. I will not use profanity.

“Basic Rule”

I will represent The Cape Fear Flyers with my personal best efforts, never bringing embarrassment or an unfavorable view to my teammates, coaches, family, or community.

Penalty: Abuse brings restrictions.

First violation will bring a strong verbal warning from a player’s coach.

Second violation will bring a strong verbal warning from a player’s coach, as well as possibly being asked to run extra laps, or some other form of extra practice exercise.

Third violation will bring a strong verbal warning from the President of the Cape Fear Flyers and a request to discuss the matter with the athlete’s parent. The athlete may be asked to sit out the remaining portion of the practice.

Continued violations will bring a suspension from the Cape Fear Flyers team with a discussion with the Cape Fear Flyers President and 2 other Board Members to be reinstated for the next season.

Cape Fear Flyers Sportsmanship Code

I will do my best to remember that running and field events are meant to be fun and to enjoy competition, respecting both the opponents and my team’s efforts, and that winning and losing is part of everyone’s experience.




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The Cape Fear Flyers is a non-profit organization that offers Junior Olympic Cross Country and track and field at an affordable rate to ensure that children from all socioeconomic groups have the opportunity to experience the lifetime benefits of track and field.

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